In nature, light creates the colour.
In the picture, colour creates the light.

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By selecting sunlight,  precipitation and vegetation as his subjects… Nick chases the colour.

   “ I’m obsessed with colour and the physicality of paint. Colour can exercise enormous influence on the body and soul, colour tastes, colour texture, colour perfumes and colour sounds. Being at one with the natural world I try to find colours that will fit my sensation. “

 Nick uses classic techniques to achieve broken surfaces giving his work it’s distinctive style. Recently he has moved from painting in clear transparent acrylic glazes to using opaque impasto oil applied by knife.

“ Direct knife painting is exciting and all about creating in one live session… working wet into wet embracing accidents at every turn to create a unique concert of visual stimuli … time is up as soon as the paint starts drying.”

Employing a wealth of experience in technique and composition development he works directly to canvas with very little drawing, using a limited palette that quite naturally does not include black.

   “ I’m interested in creating a space through colour contrasts rather than simple shadows of light and dark. The resultant surface is one that seems  to connect with the viewer in an almost magical manner that somehow soothers and exhilarates at the same time.”

Since leaving art school Nick has been a professional artist all his life and has enjoyed a wide range of disciplines including large-scale mural painting in the palaces of the Middle East. He is a full time artist painting everyday from his studio in SW London where he now focuses on his particular painting styles, selecting as his subjects the fundamental elements for our existence on this small planet. He has exhibited in numerous solo & group shows and has his work in many collections including those of celebrity and royal households.

“ I don’t mind so much whether my colour corresponds exactly, as long as it looks beautiful on my canvas, as beautiful as it looks in nature “ – Van Gogh

“In nature, light creates the colour. In the picture, colour creates the light“  – Hans Hofmann